To my fellow Flyers fans…

This particular post goes out to sports fans (Philadelphia and otherwise) that I am sure have seen what went on at last night’s playoff game, which saw the Flyers take on the Capitals at home. Towards the end of the game, the Flyers were down by a significant amount, and fans were frustrated to say the least. It is hard to say whether the frustration was directed at the officials, Capitals, or poor performance of the Fly Guys, but the gist of it is that about 100 or so people started throwing their electronic wristbands (given to them for being into attendance) out onto the ice, obstructing the clean-up crew and resulting in a penalty against Philadelphia. Listening to sports talk radio throughout the day, there seems to have been two mindsets to take: the furious, disgusted fans who distanced themselves from the bunch of unintelligent buffoons that threw bracelets on the ice, and the stubborn, hardheaded fans who think throwing the bracelets was the best thing since streaking. I figure I will throw my two cents into the mix, since I stand somewhere in the middle. First and foremost, I will say that I DON’T condone the throwing of ANYTHING out onto any field, court, or rink, or otherwise do anything to obstruct the players who go out there and put on a show for us, the fans. However, looking at the social media response, in which many people have taken the opportunity to bad-mouth Philadelphia sports as a whole, I find myself standing with my fellow Philly fans, rather than to shake my head and try to shrink into the background. Many people say that Philadelphia fans are a bunch of ignorant, classless freaks that would sooner eat their children and start a riot than to show any sort of class after a loss or win. I respond with this: Philadelphia is passionate. There is no denying that. I also won’t deny that there have been several instances, last night included, when individuals or a group of individuals have acted out and embarrassed the Philly fan base as a whole. However, I like the sense of notoriety that comes with being a Philly fan. We are a rowdy, passionate bunch that bleed the colors of our teams and scream louder than any other fan base when they compete. We roar our support and make darn sure everyone knows when we are displeased with our teams, officials, or players. To me, there is a fine line between notoriously rowdy and distastefully classless, and Philadelphia falls on the right side of that line. So while I am embarrassed at what went on last night, you better believe that I am still darn proud to be part of this fan base, and no amount of hate or insult will ever take that away from me.

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