The Titan IPA India Pale Ale

Currently, I have been spending a considerable amount of time writing my thesis and writing code to test some of the theories behind my hypotheses. One of the central elements in this research has been the question of the digital divide. What is the relation between the digital divide and beer. Well, the Titan IPA is brewed in Denver, Colorado by the Great Divide Brewing Company. Having spent the better part of my literature review reading on forms of the digital divide, I could not help but notice this beer when beer shopping. Amazingly, what a fiting way to start the beer reviews this Oktoberfest with a company turning double decade in age this year. The Great Divide Brewing Company was founded with the notion of brewing strong beers, which are defined as having an alcohol content greater than 7%. Six of the thirteen beers made by Great Divide in 2006 exceeded this threshold, and one, Old Ruffian, has over 10.2% alcohol content, which is twice that of America’s top selling beer Budweiser. The following are quick stats about the Titan IPA.

  1. 7.1 alcohol percentage
  2. Silver medal in the Australian beer awards 2008
  3. Silver Medal in the European Beer Star in Nuremberg 2007
  4. Bronze medal in the Stockholm Beer and Whiskey Festival 2006

The Titan IPA is an aggressive and very assertive beer. On drinking the first sip, one can not help the sudden brisk assertion of its presence in the mouth. Laced with piney hop aromas and citrus hop flavours, it has a very nice rich subtle sweetness balanced with some bitterness when swallowd down the throat. Majestic I have to say the least.

This beer is great to accompany , Grilled lamb, Thai green curry foods, roasted zuchinni and even carrot cake. I give this beer a rating of 8 on a scale of 1–10. And also agree, Great Minds Drink Alike…

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