Oxymoronically Intact

Unrefined thoughts from Adult Medicine wards 10/20/17

In the respectable scripture of health, we the pupils of an archaic science…

View end-of-life as a vicious antagonist to an individual or group narrative,

The last conceivable outcome,

or in some cases a desperate solution,

Or even as an involuntary, indiscriminate, and foreboding

termination to a transient and organized chaos.

Perhaps that is of a distorted social perception.

Is it at all curious that Medicine, which flung my seemingly defenseless and youthful shell of a self, so carelessly into the shrieking whirlwind

of the seemingly relentless greed of Mortality,

In the midst of the whispering pains and unspoken fears of those

inching creepily and uncertainly towards the kingdom of Death,

Who hovers so vigilantly and protectively,

near the bedside of many a distressed, crippled physique,

balancing elegantly between the realms of discordant sound and imperceptible silence,

has brought me closer to the notion of Life?

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