Work from Home

Everyone would like to work from the comfort of their home. Until they actually do it. Work from home that is. Let me tell you, it is not all it’s cracked up to be. I work from home. I work in the HRIS (Human Resources Information System) field. I work with companies around the states and their employees around the world setting up their HR system or assisting them in getting it set up correctly.

I, like many others, couldn’t wait for the chance to work from home. It would be awesome. I could work and get the laundry done and maybe some dishes. I wouldn’t have to get dressed. I could work in my shorts or jammies and no one would know. Who needs to take a shower and put on makeup? Not I!

So we moved from New Jersey to South Carolina for personal reasons. I left my Jersey job and consulted for them for five months. It was great! It was warm here in the South. I could go out on my deck in the sun for conference calls. I could make the “roll my eyes” face and be comfortable with it.

The next position came up and it was in Colorado. An opportunity, to again, work completely remote. Awesome! Until during staff meetings they were having lunch and joking around and I was sitting in my office with my two dogs. As if they forgot I was on the line. All of a sudden it hit me! No one was here to have lunch with me. I missed having lunch with my partner in crime in New Jersey. No one to chit chat with. I miss the late nights giggling and playing air drum solos after everyone had gone. I was sad.

I hated the drive to work. There was always traffic and accidents, bad weather and lots of money on gas. Why was I so upset? I was in the warmer weather below the snow belt. All the things I wanted. Right?

I never thought of human contact. Wow! That was what I was missing big time. I have no one to talk to but the dogs. My man works and my son is in school. From 7:30 am to 4:30 pm it’s just me and the dogs. I love my dogs but seriously they can get annoying. Who do I talk to?

It’s a lonely experience. Even my friends from the job in Jersey have to work and cannot chit chat all day because they are in the office. No one to sing and giggle with. No one to have lunch with. Kind of depressing, don’t you think? I do. So how do you fix this? The reason I work remote is because I live in A tourist area and I can become a housekeeper in a hotel, a nurse in a hospital or work in retail. None of which will support me.

So I decided to write (a passion) and annoy the rest of the world. It’s a lonely existence working from home.

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