There is a moment

There is a moment of silence and anticipation that precedes everything great that has ever happened. Just before inspiration struck or just before the missing puzzle piece was found, just then, right before, there was a moment of pause. In this moment there was no direction, no hope and no possible way of knowing that this was that moment. That means that this very moment might just be that moment. Maybe the very next moment will be the one when the next great idea pops into your head. Maybe the very next moment will define your life. Maybe the very next moment will be the one when the next great novel is born or the next scientific leap is made. That makes this moment just as special, because this moment is the one right before the next.

For writers there is a similar moment. The one just before pen is put to paper, before finger touches keyboard. When there is no solid idea of which words will flow or which story will be told. There is only the knowledge that the story is within us somewhere, waiting to be shared. So we press the pen or the key, not really knowing, but hoping, believing, trusting that the story will appear. Our minds seem empty, and the harder we search, the more empty they seem. A watched mind never boils.

Faith. Have faith in yourself. You have seen enough. Your voice has depth and passion and deserves to be heard. You have a unique view, an inside track, a personal connection that makes it yours. Reach down, lean in and go for it. Let the words flow and sentences will form, then ideas and finally stories. Call it the muse. Call it your inner guide. Call it God. Call it your gut instinct. By any name, this is the thing that drives you and saves you and will never let you down.

This is that moment. The one before the magic. This is the moment when the voice stirs, breathes in and starts forward. Open your mind, listen to the voice, and write! Nothing is stopping you and no other moment will be as perfect as this one. The potential is electric and the timing is cosmic. The voice flows from you and through you. Life fills your lungs as words flow out. Truth fills your pen as the ink soaks into the paper. This is your ambrosia. This is your soma. This is your reward for sharing your gifts with us. Your soul is nourished. Seeds are planted, the harvest is plenty and bellies are filled.

So, press the keys and ready the pen. Even when no ideas rush to your head and the words seem so far away, know that this could be that moment, right before it happens. This is that moment, right before the next.