Game review: The Swapper

Tags: puzzle, sci-fi
(played on ps4)
I paid ~15 eur

The Swapper is a fairly typical puzzle game, where the core gameplay mechanics are creation of clones and swapping them with the player. The puzzles are interestingly designed and I had a good time solving them. The player can slow down the time, so the importance of aiming or reflex is negligible, as it should be in a puzzle game.

Being a very scientifically-minded person, I often dismiss ambitious stories as artsy-farts, and I was very happy it didn’t happen in the case of The Swapper. The story asks some genuinely thought-provoking questions. The art design makes for a very dense, dark atmosphere and all aspects of the game come together in a beautiful presentation.

+ good idea and execution of puzzle mechanics
+ stellar story
+ amazing atmosphere, presentation, art design
 — some complain it’s too short

9/10 😍 masterpiece puzzle game

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