What are the 2017 mobile app developers’ top preferences?

Android app development is a huge domain that involves contributions and developments from around the world. The open source development environment has enabled experts from all over the world to introduce and share their unique ideas and projects which is considered to be another value added reason of fast and improved developments in android development. Let us now have a look upon the most highlighted areas that interest android app developers in 2017.

Mobile apps security is on top of list:

It is indeed true that mobile app developers, app providers and most importantly the mobile app users do not really want to compromise their valuable data and set of confidential information through these apps. Followed by a number of privacy and data theft issues that occurred back in 2016, the android app development community seems pretty much motivated after Google announced that it will improvise the android platform with value added security. On the other hand a research project initiated by a team of android app development in Singapore expects greater opportunity of learning and development for the app developers in the area of mobile apps security.

Instant apps are high in demand:

Instant apps are gaining much more attention in the year 2017 and that’s not just trending higher in the android app developers’ community from around the world but, mobile users have also started to take greater interest in using instant apps. The best part for which these apps are becoming more appealing to the mobile app users in 2017 is that instant apps do not require installation on the mobile devices and features greater speed and performance to the user.

The use of AI is on the horizon:

The domain of modern day world computing techniques and technology have already witnessed the potential behind artificial intelligence and its advantages to the mankind. Industry’s leading experts for android app development in Singapore said that there are number of examples of web applications that are backed by artificial intelligence and now AI ranks on top of the list.

Conclusively, artificial intelligence is one of the most highlighted areas of study and experimentation in today’s world of technology where it has just started to positively influence the world of mobile apps showing its real potential and capabilities.