You Are Not Equal. I’m Sorry.
Dina Leygerman

The Real Truth

I hate to tell “people” the raw/real truth, but no one is equal. We just do our best to get along the best we can and be respectful. Your comment and post isn’t respectful. There are men out there who are abused by their wives, who fight to fit in, who fight to gain advancement against others depending on the situations (minorities, women, are also advanced, others are advanced because of connections, there are situations that are just unbalanced still in the workforce for many people. No one is singled out.) The comment “You still have to pay taxes for your basic sanitary needs” is laughable because men pay taxes on condoms. Men and all people should and need to carry protective devices depending on where they live and walk at night. Muggers do not discriminate. Not condoning rape, but some men are charged with rape unfairly, should women who falsely charge rape be put in jail? Maternity leave is a thing so that is false, having paid maternity leave is not reasonable. Why should a company pay you to stay home a have a baby? That is why we have a nest egg. And a “broken body” really? Giving birth is a very natural thing, really?! If it is too much of a burden don’t have kids. They are meant to be fodder for complaints. If you or family thinks you have post part depression, get help; there is plenty of help available. Don’t be a martyr. Regarding breast feeding, if it is legal just do it and if it isn’t change the laws. It is more than time. Being objectified isn’t a bad thing, it is people admiring you, it is all in how it is taken. When they stop caring how you look, you will want them to care. Why else do you work so hard to look beautiful? Be honest. If it is lewd and disgusting that is another level. Everyone deserves respect. The too skinny often comes from other women; women are harder on each other or themselves than any one else. Men age gracefully because they don’t stress about getting older. Men and women today are heralded about their intelligence; to say otherwise is a falsehood. Gender stereotypes are less specific today than ever before so to harp on the progress is to move backwards. We need to and must move forward and honor the good progress we have made as women, as people, as a society. To even give these “feminist” a voice as if they speak for women today is to step backwards in time to the 70s or 80s and we are no longer there in life in progress in hope or in America. Now is the time for ALL WOMEN to speak and for ALL WOMEN to stand up and say WE ARE HERE and YOU DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME!!