Are we underestimating our kids?

Last night I was talking with my twenty one year old daughter, as she had to do her law homework. Somehow she had a small existencial crisis. She was reviewing the relationship she had with her school friends and concerned, told me she did not want to belong to the bubble of “how I look or what I have, determine if I belong to the group or not.”

As a marketing specialist, I was talking to her about the direction of the social media, that we are getting in to voice messages and that voice is probably the future. I was very concerned because we already suffer from grammatical mistakes as kids do not like to read anymore, and when, then short stories. We are now living the time of images and getting there to voice.

And then, she said to me something that kept me thinking the rest of the night: You know mom, we (refering to the new generation) are having more intense emotions and feelings.

Then she pointed at the new age’s poetry: little verses that say a lot in four sentences, with the past : endless verses to say the same.

These kids grew up with both parents working out of the house, or with a single parent, or raised up by the grand parents. Endless examples of a reorganisation in the family circle, that formed them differently than most of us generations ago.

The fact is that, like everything in evolution, they adapted to be practical, listening to books instead of reading, finding or showing an emotion on a picture, and well, expressing themselves in four sentences instead of long manuscripts.

The question is now, if we parents, did adapt to them instead of expecting them to adapt to us.

The children of the generation “less is more” is challenging us. That’s why, when we are confronted with a situation we expect to be complex, they jump out with a sentence as an answer, and there we go, we are perplexed! almost driven to despair.

Life always finds a way to make us adapt to the new, and we are surrounded by a lot of new things, smartphones, e-banking, adds on the internet, e-books, but the teachers of the new, are in our household, so we can start getting homeschooled and we will be very happy, learning on our own pace, don’t you think?