Bridging Gaps Within the Expanding Biomarker Continuum

There is a growing amount of interest in the drug development industry to capture the full potential that biomarkers can provide into the medical marketplace. Parallel with this growth in interest is the number of biomarkers being identified by way of a number of increasingly sensitive and precise approaches. Creating tools that will help with the collection and organization of this increasing information will become more important over time.

In July, 2015, Pacific Biomarkers released a tool (BIOMARKER NAVIGATOR™) to help clients with navigating their test menu and create information reports for biomarkers of interest to their drug development efforts. Currently limited to the test menu at Pacific Biomarkers, the tool provides increased flexibility and accessibility to information. Requests for consultation can also be made via the app as well.

The full potential of what an app like the BIOMARKER NAVIGATOR™ could offer can be further realized by identifying information links that would be helpful to researcher as they plough through the maze of biomarker data. Links to biomarker databases, platform manufacturers, assay vendors, report generators and social media could help to evolve and cultivate a biomarker information search tool with considerable focus.

Navigating the sea of current and future biomarker challenges is both exciting and daunting. Using creativity and developing tools to make the journey more time efficient and manageable will help bring necessary medicines to patients earlier.