Simple Bike Cleaning Tips

So no one really likes doing this do they? But it does look great when its done, and there are some very worthwhile benefits: longer life for your bike and its bits, reduced risk of a ‘mechanical’ whilst riding, and the people you ride with will definitely be keener if you look after your bike well.

It does help if you have a bike stand but this is not essential, so find somewhere where you can prop your bike up safely.

First job is to get the muck and grease off, especially the chain, cassette and rear mechanism using brushes and an eco friendly de-greaser.

Then wipe down the the frame and dry the bike off. Wiping the wheel rims removes grit and will reduce the wear on the rims.

This is a great chance to check your bike for signs of wear and tear; are the brake pads worn down? Do the pedals grind?

Once dry apply some dry lube (lubricant) to the chain, 1 drop per roller whilst slowly turning the pedals for 1 revolution of the chain.

If you took your wheels off to clean them then do remember to reattach the brakes.

Bike cleaning is pretty hard work on your hands…lots of moisturiser afterwards and perhaps not a job for before a jewellery photo shoot.

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