Don’t Say “Lose Weight,” Say “I’m Getting Rid of Weight”

This way you’ll keep your New Year’s Resolution with ease.

Plant these thoughts and actions today. We can change our weight, but we have to change our words and the understanding of them first.

To get rid of weight means it is gone. To lose weight means what? If you lose your car keys, what do you want to do? Of course, you want to find them. How long are many of us going to keep finding those lost extra pounds? The words tells us it will be for as long as we keep losing them. Weight gotten rid of is gone.

To beat this insane race to diet, the up and downs in weight and emotions, we must first look to the words we’re using. I’ll promise you your weight will be what you want, if you can listen to your words, change and believe them.

To start with, eliminate the word lose, in referring to weight. Say instead, “I’m getting rid of my weight, shedding it, dropping weight.” You’ll catch yourself saying, “I’ve lost 10 pounds,” or something similar until you’re convinced that you don’t want to find it again and are willing to really have it gone for good.

We underestimate the power of our words. Each word has great power. Think first about how long we’ve been reading and talking about “ … weight loss.” Here are a few of the definitions of loss: the damage, trouble, disadvantage, deprivation, caused by losing something.

If we consider that what we’ve lost has caused us any of the above, no wonder we end up gaining it all back. It would be senseless not to as that weight makes us feel good again.

Compare the word loss to the word rid: make someone free of a troublesome or unwanted thing.

Next let’s see some of the definitions for the word weight: a burden or oppressiveness, as of responsibility or sorrow, importance or consequence as in a matter of great weight.

Does it not make sense that we are only looking at one side of our weight issues? How about the mental and emotional stress caused by any number of issues such as a beloved one passing on, or by the putting off of work that is deemed important? How about the simple weight of responsibility to family, friends and how far that caring goes? How about the underlying feelings of pressure to attend to chores, skills unused, helping the sick, caring about community justice? How often do we say, “I’m concerned about…I’m anxious…I’m worried to death?”

All these thoughts have a bearing on our freedom to pursue mental and physical health. If we choose to ignore our mental burdens, imagine the effect it has on our physical body. The mind and body cannot be separated. When we treat our mind to good health, we treat our body well. We can substitute better words and see the powerful results.

We cause our own state of unbalance: to upset or disturb the equilibrium of a state of affairs or someone’s state of mind. This happens when we have dieted strenuously, lost physical weight, but have a heavy mental weight or fear that hasn’t been dealt with. For instance, when a friend or family member says, “Oh you look too thin, all of us have been talking about it,” what do you do? Do you gain back those lost pounds to get acceptance or to please others?

Conversely, is it difficult to let go of overdoing for others? How long do we wish for shedding extra pounds without tackling these habits, and letting go of the unnecessary things in life?

Whatever you do, please appreciate yourself right now as you are a marvelous soul. Say thank you to that body that has carried you to this place, for without it you wouldn’t be here today. Take a look in the mirror at this intelligent person who can do all these good things. Revere the positive qualities we have that will aid us.

Action is the key word. Stop the thinking and do. The best way to have color in our cheeks is to take that walk. To have sparkling eyes, think clearly. Focus on the power of words and make humor a part of life. Go for it, keep it up, it may take awhile. The end result of continuing these practices will be the making of changes intuitively, that is without conscious reasoning anymore!

Surprise, all sorts of dreams will happen. I promise.