Judith Liebaert
Aug 14, 2017 · 2 min read

I know cats. I’ve lived with one or more cats at any given time throughout my lifetime. More than a few of them were strays that I took in. The more I watch and listen to what’s going on at the White House, the more I’m convinced our country is being run by a stray cat masquerading as Donald Trump. Consider these facts:

10. He has to piss on everything.

9. While he’s away the mice play— mostly Melania and Ivanka dress their Barbies in mourning and dream of the day.


8. He’s been heard calling himself a real fat cat. We know the fat part is true so, just sayin’.


7. Hair color is classic orange tabby.

6. Enjoys putting himself on high pedestals.

5. Wants all the attention.

4. Prefers prowling around the White House in the dark.


3. Admits to chasing tail and loves grabbing female pussies.

2. Should have been neutered before he was allowed to breed.


And the number one reason the Don in the White House is really a stray cat . . .

1. Every time he commits political suicide and you think you’ve seen the last of him, he shows up again the next day. Nine lives and counting . . .

Judith Liebaert

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I am a woman of words, and my story is always changing.

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