The Hate Continues
Kent Anderson

It’s not just the unholy trio singing in the background that need to go; it’s the lead singer, a man no mother wants her son to become nor her daughter to marry. I hope that the man of great character, Robert Mueller, will show this goon the door. And when Trump is listed in the nation’s history books, there will be no asterisk after his name, just a swastika or pos emoji.

As for the party that let Trump bully them into submission, they are not strong enough to lead or protect the country. Their continuing complicity is shameful, especially the party’s ongoing history of letting these toxic characters bubble to the top of the political mix (Add 
Buchanan to your list as well.). It’s important to note that the Republicans who are critical of Trump are the same ones whose instincts were correct prior to the election, and I am grateful for their sanity and courage to buck the tide.