Hillary Will Be Despised As Long As Dems Keep Blaming People For Trump
Caitlin Johnstone

While I am more than ready to let Hillary go — it’s over, she lost, we cannot change that, and while I don’t really see anything productive in placing the blame, that what political analysis does. It will be bandied about and sometime in the future, condensed down to all of the factors that contributed, including the many strikes she had against her in the form of manufactured lies and conspiracy theories. But this . . . THIS is rich

“And her famously “suboptimal” instincts wouldn’t miraculously get any better just because she moved into the Oval Office. She would have been the same kind of person as a president as she is in her public life now, and we wouldn’t have had these long, blissful respite periods where she disappears into the woods. It would have been one long, blood-soaked, shame politics, “misstated” presidency where the public would have been instructed to ignore the sick feeling in their belly as she squeezed them dry while barging through another of her donor’s policies, and cheer her on because yay, woman president.”

Are you sure you aren’t describing the seated president? Nobody is perfect, but I doubt that anybody is more corrupt and ineffectual as a leader on a global platform that the current man occupying the White House. She couldn’t have done any worse, but she probably could have done a far sight better.

Further, like any other high profile figure, she has EARNED THE RIGHT to write her book, HER THOUGHTS.

So I suggest, you get over it. By writing this, you have just added to the mill that keeps it all going.

Have a nice day, now!

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