Everyday i hear breakup stories and be like how can we overcome this phase? The most amazing feeling is falling in love and the worse is breaking up, of course no one wants to experience that because love taste so good that we don’t want to imagine breaking up but to be honest this part is unavoidable no matter how we try, not because we don’t work hard to avoid it but because we learn lessons from it and become a better person for the next person. Also it’s true that many people breakup for the wrong reasons and then we wonder what went wrong, a guy can breakup with you cos your clingy, boring, jealous, petty etc and mostly girls breakup because the guy is cheating on them but really that’s why it’s called Relationship you should be able to talk about it and if you are unable to, breakup takes place.

Now let’s talk about how to deal with BREAKUP either as a guy or a girl, but first i’ll share with you guys how i overcame mine…it hasn’t been easy dating and letting go of someone you loved but as a girl I’ve learnt to help myself by loving me more than anything else. So far i have dated few guys and I’ve come to realize that all guys are not same Mr A might love you because you’re fun to be with , while Mr B might love you because you’re beautiful but in my case it’s mostly about my face , how pretty i looked and because i wanted more i had to break free from that and move on.

Now most of you will ask me questions like ‘’How did you deal with breakup” The truth is how I’ve handled breakup in my past relationships and how i handled it in my last is quite different, other times i’ll lock myself up in the room,cry,regret, blame everyone , block my ex’s from every social media , delete their number, get rid of their gifts etc but my last was actually different because i am now matured enough to go through with it and as crazy as it may sound , i get excited about breakup…lol This is because i have learnt how to go through with it.Yes, many of you might not consider this the best reason to breakup but because i’m a cute fellow that loves to be appreciated but i wasn’t getting any of that, i had to beg for attention, love, care and it was not what i signed up for, so i had to let go. we just stopped talking because the relationship was stuck already and after then i loved myself a thousand more for making that decision. So this time i didn’t do what I’ve always done in my previous relationship, i simply did the opposite but this time i hung out more with friends, doing what i loved which was writing, meeting people, chatting and looking beautiful.*smile*


  • Be happy: Always be happy regardless of how bad your relationship was and make your single life fun.
  • Be active: Meet people, go to parties, get a new look and love yourself more.
  • No contact: Getting rid of pictures of you two, his number and avoid texting him or stalking him on social media if you cant afford to block him.
  • Asking questions: I understand you still love this guy so you ask his friends , colleagues about him but seriously stop!! don’t do that.
  • Revenge: do not seek revenge, that’s not a bold step …you don’t want to be the bad one.
  • Beg: Do not beg for a come back it wont change anything .
  • Sex: Do not give in the second time no matter the pressure because there’s a possibility he loved you because of how good you are in bed.
  • Time: Give yourself some time before jumping to the next person to avoid same mistakes.
  • Analyze the breakup: Try to figure out your mistake, but try not to be pushy about it because 50% of the mistakes is from your ex.
  • Repeat mistakes: Do not repeat same mistakes when you start dating, analyze what went wrong to avoid same pattern in your last relationship.