What Women Really Want

Lets talk about it- It’s funny when guys ask me questions like.. what do women want in a relationship? the problem is knowing what she wants,and being unable to please her. Relationships crash because men tend to hide from their responsibilities, I am not talking about how much you give her or what you get for her, I’m talking about how much time you spend with her. Ladies get tired easily if they don’t see signs you want them. Don’t confuse NEEDS and WANTS- a woman’s need is of necessity,it is something you must have to do while her wants are things she desires/wishes for, being materialistic comes to play in this aspect. Most men know this is the issue but they still find a way to hide from it, which is wrong. We are not saying empty your bank account for us but if you do, we won’t mind *winks* . Most women do not know how to approach a man with their wants and sometimes, they make it difficult for men. If you think men don’t deserve to be pampered, then think again-they are human and they have feelings for crying out loud — learn to treat them right.

As a man, playing your role shouldn’t be tasking, it should be something you enjoy doing over and over again. Most men consider this as a burden and because they are incapable, they use breakup strategy as an escape route but that shouldn’t be the case..your lady comes first and it’s in your hands to make her feel wanted so she won’t have any reason to bequeath.

In this article, I will be sharing with you guys things women need, also as a man the best way to have a peaceful relationship is to play your role nicely and smoothly- if you love your lady that much, it won’t hurt if you try to understand her. Trust me, women are the prettiest on the inside no matter how tough we act we love to be cared for and if a man fails to see that, we make sure the love tastes sour. Below are few things you need to know:


  • Respect: We appreciate it a lot when our man respects us because it shows how much he loves us and it educes our feelings too.
  • Good Communication Skills: If all you want is a peaceful and close to perfect kinda relationship, then you need to keep up the communication-stop making excuses about work being stressful, how much work load you have to put up with or your boss yelling at you,of course that’s why it is called “work” and we know things like that happen but also our intentions are pure, we know what you are going through and that’s the reason why we need you to pick up the phone and talk to us.
  • Independent: Above all, this should be applicable — you can’t depend on a woman for everything and expect her to respect you.your dignity drops to 0.00% and you know what that means. Women love their freedom and they can’t put up with a man that can’t handle it.
  • Attention: Yes quote me “every woman is an attention seeker” we all want that limelight-we want it to be all about us most times, and this shouldn’t be too much to ask. when you are at the club with your woman, hold her hands, you feel you are being used because you have to be her number one fan? then you are not ready. When you give her the attention she deserves, she will give you the love you deserve in return.
  • Generosity: Every woman wants a generous man but detest a stiff man that only cares about himself all the time, you go shopping for yourself alone,you find it difficult to spend your money, energy,time, and by doing that you also lose friends.Being generous is a sign that you know your priorities.
  • Strategic Plan Game: It is a major turn off for women when they see a man that has no game plan. They want MEN not BOYS, they don’t want a man that is still living in his parents’ house with no funding, women cannot accommodate men that are not ready to grow, move,explore, they want men with goals and those who have the zeal to make it work.
  • Romantic: Every woman wants a man that knows how to handle her- being romantic shouldn’t look too hard for you, all you need to know is what she wants, how she wants it and when she wants it, we love it that way.
  • Good sex: No woman wants a “sisi” sharing the same bed with her- we want our man strong,reliable,capable and sexy, and he should know how to make her feel superior, by doing that you’ve won her over and over again.
  • Maturity: Women love men that are in charge,not being bossy but know how to handle sketchy situations.
  • Caring: Most men find this quite difficult to do- all she wants is for you to be there for her, it doesn’t mean she does not have family or friends to talk to but she chose you over them and the least you could do is show her how much you care because trust me if she loves you too, she will reciprocate.
  • Support: This isn’t too much guys!! Does she want to be a photographer ? all you have to do is support her, don’t talk less about her plans or goals…give her reasons why she needs to do it and encourage her.
  • Commitment: you have to be committed to prove to her that you are ready to ride on this RELATION-SHIP. Most guys don’t see reasons why they should,they feel it’s her job …if you have that mentality, then be ready to lose her.
  • Sincerity: Women love men that are sincere at all cost-You can’t play with her feelings.Do not do that, she’s your woman and you owe her that. Be sincere to her and stop playing hide and seek, be serious when you have to and quit playing games.
  • Faithful man: Being in a relationship means you are ready for whatever, don’t expect a perfect love story, of course there will be ups and down but your willingness to make things work matters. Be the kind of man you want your son to become.
  • Future planner: No woman wants to waste her time on a man that has no future plan, a man that has nothing to show. As a man you need to set your goal, make plans and execute them.

I have shared with you my thoughts, and I hope I have helped someone today.

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