Last week I went to a presentation with a friend where we heard about some draft pilot projects implemented with the design thinking process. The presentation team consisted of different people: an HR specialist, a designer, a strategy consultant and an engineer. The presentation introduced a pilot tool which could support any group of people who are willing to organize learning groups, meetups and general “learning together” events.

When the presentation ended, my friend — who happens to be a web designer — asked me: “I like the idea, but where was the design?”

I told him: “It was there…

Funny images on the internet, artworks with texts, gif videos… yes, these are memes. But what’s a meme in real?

The notion of memes originates from Richard Dawkins, a British evolutionary biologist from the 1970’s. He says that some evolutionary principles can be applied in explaining the spread of ideas. In biology the attribution of creatures are set by its genes, just like in a culture, where the nature of thoughts is also determined by smaller units, which he named memes. Memes are replicators (they forward thoughts/information) just like genes.

From a less academic perspective memes are units of ideas, behaviours or styles that spread person to person. They are small parts of information that can be interpreted in different…

There are hundreds of occassions where peope work together in a team: they go play football, play in a band or write a paper together.

I really like to work in a team, but sometimes I meet people who prefer to split the tasks, and in the end each of them add their part to the end product. In some other cases (for example in design thinking workshops) we start together, think together, create together, we intend to reach common understanding.

The difference between cooperation and collaboration

Collaboration and cooperation are often used interchangebly, but they represent a fundamenytally different ways of contributing to a group.

Képzeljük el, hogy egy nap azt a feladatot kapjuk, hogy egy kollegánkkal közösen készítsünk el egy riportot. Nem sok időnk van, így annak érdekében, hogy határidőre elkészüljünk , felosztjuk egymás között a feladatokat és nekilátunk a munkának. Amikor mindketten készen vagyunk a saját részünkkel összeszerkesztjük a dokumentumot és elküldjük a főnökünknek. A szellemi kihívás után jól esik a sport, ezért munka után elmegyünk focizni a barátainkkal, ahol hátvéd pozíciót töltünk be a csapatban. Egymásnak passzolgatva játszunk és végül a labda a hálóban köt ki. Nyertünk!

Kooperálni fontos, de számos esetben az együttműködés magasabb szintje, a kollaboráció vezethet eredményre.

Kooperáció vagy kollaboráció?

Kooperáció alkalmával…

Hungary in the mid-90's. George was around 46–47 years old at that time. He just got a job offer from his old co-workers: they invited him to join them as a third member of a small company in Budapest. The new job had a sales character, the biggest challange for him was to build the whole clientele from scratch.

As a kid, George was not a good student, later he became a mechanic and his job was to interact with taxi drivers, and set the tarifs on their taxi meters (back then taxi drivers had to set the meter every…

Judit Kertesz

Strategy-Design-Consulting @ frontìra

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