Big school myth: “School is primarily about what the students need.”
Sammy Kayes

Compulsory public education in America has NEVER been about giving children what they need, but about “producing” standardized worker bees for the economy. And while many of our educational “policy makers” send their own children to progressive/private/independent schools whose goal IS the development of whole learner, they double down on one-size-fits-all standardized education for “other people’s children.” Standardized testing insures that at least 1/3 of our children will be “below average” — average what???? If we have any doubt that public education is designed to create compliant, obedient citizens, just look at the “no-excuses” charter schools. Not to mention that the unique talents, abilities, and interests of a huge portion of our children are suppressed in the obsession with “academic achievement.” That is the issue we have to overturn before any real change will occur in our public schools. I have a wild dream that some day teachers will rise up and say, “I won’t do this anymore because it’s not in the best interest of children.”

Anyone interested in the historical basis of factory schools can find more about them here.

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