The School-Work-World problem
max st john

Great article! Starting a school is certainly a worthwhile goal, but we would be making the same mistake as “one-size-fits-all” standards-based schools if we thought there was a single type of “learner-centered school” that would suit everyone. We need a variety — from free-democratic schools for those who want less structure, to learning environments that offer more structure until learners are ready to step out on their own. There is a mountain of evidence that learner-centered approaches are much more effective in facilitating the growth of “lifelong learners” than “one-size-fits-all” approaches. Why then, do policy makers continue to mandate a failed policy that makes schools look like they have failed — and then push school choice that makes it even less likely that “all” children will receive the education they deserve? Why is that choice not available within public education?

Here’s an article that examines the common factors in learner-centered schools. What will it take to create this environment in public education where all children can benefit?

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