Why poor students will always be behind
Mikala Streeter

Loved the article, but one thing to remember is that we don’t HAVE to define success in terms of how one makes a living. I understand that it’s easy for those with a job to say that. But what can truly change children’s lives would be having options in public education that allow each child to develop his or her own potential…and to empower them…to show them that they don’t have to live in a world dictated by others.

Those options exist in private schools (where the wealthy and powerful, including many educational policy makers, send their kids). Why, then, do these same people force one-size-fits-all standards on those condemned to send their kids to public schools? How can a child who is told what, when, and how to learn for 12+ years develop self-efficacy? How can children brainwashed into obedience to authority develop their own authority? Or is that the point? Many thinking people believe that this is exactly why public schools are still factories designed to turn out worker bees for business and industry. If that is the case, why isn’t business and industry paying for public education?

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