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I follow Trump’s idiocies … he is becoming more and more of a Dictator, more of A Control Freak and Loves ALL the Attention that he is getting.. His is not a Democracy,,, not in any way. He Has No compassion for The Americans and the rest of the World… He is a Narcisist, who thrives on disrupting everything … to suit His Own Personal Agenda… regardless of people, planet or human and animal rights…

He is Supported by People with Narrow Minds, Self- serving , Big Money and Big profit… Individuals and Corporations… The members of his cabinet have NO political background.. If one does Not agree with his policies, then there are Reprecutions and lots more.

He has no Regard to Climate Change is an Antagonist … who Walks around with his Rose Colored Glasses on… He can’t see any farther than the tip of is Nose… I am a Canadian and am concerned about what his Irresponsible Decisions will have for my Country and others around the World. From My Prospective and that of many other Humans … HE is UNFIT to govern and an Irresponsible leader… He is a Joke and all those who Funded his Election are just as Narrow Minded as he is… Billy Graham… and others are in it for Control and Money… As far as I am concerned… it would not surprise me if Certain Other Country Or Countries were not involved… He should have been Removed from Leadership a long time ago…. Empeached (?) a while ago.. any other President or Government Leader would have.

People, wake up and smell the coffee before he does more damage that he and his cabinet have done… There Still IS Freedom of Speech, Choice etc.

Judy… Kingston, Ont. Canada