in the First 100 Days and Beyond
Joshunda Sanders

I live in Canada, Just above N.Y. State. I think that Trump is a Joke and should Not be the president of the U.S. Thus far he has done Nothing to Improve things for the U.S. people Or the people in the World.. He is antagonizing a lot of Countries. He threatens countries that have the technology that could send us all to Kingdom come.

He is a Pompous,Self-Righteous, Power hungry, Insolent maniac, who Only cares about what he and his Cabinet and the All- Mighty Wealthy want. He definitely is an Individual who likes to get Attention.

He reminds me of Power Hungry Dictators in History who created Wars and Destruction.. Just look in the past to find out who they were.

He is ignorant of issues such as Climate Change, the Poor, the Refugees. etc.

He needs to be Impeached . I have Never heard of a President who has committed so many Faux-Pas in 100 days that it is beyond me why he is still the president.

He does not care about people in general… with him it’s the All-Mighty dollar. with him in Power, many around the globe are wondering “ what is next”

That is How I feel… and I Stand by It… The Tax payers in the U.S. Should Not Be Paying for his wife who is living in New York… She wants Nothing to do with Being First Lady… One could almost make a Comic Strip about Him . I Am Sure that Everyone would Enjoy it.

Judy Dupuis

Kingston, Ont. Canada