A Colorado Plan for Climate Action

Thomas Morse — Unsplash.com

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My Plan

Fight Climate Change

Transition to a Green Economy

Build A Climate-Resilient State

Fight Climate Change

1. Prioritize carbon reduction ahead of the demands of the oil and gas industry, and give our communities local control.

2. Set a realistic price for carbon emissions so businesses are incentivized to emit less.

3. Revitalize rural communities through the development of clean industries and the integration of cheap and clean energy into the electricity grid.

Green Economy

1) Revolutionize how we power transportation and indoor heating and cooling through electrification.

2. Boost energy efficiency across the state in the residential, commercial, and utility sectors.

3. Uphold environmental stewardship and conservation in our communities and industries.


1. Support community-based resiliency plans that encourage coordination and collective action.

2. Support rigorous risk and vulnerability assessments by key government and community institutions, so they can better prepare for future conditions.

3. Educate and engage with the public regarding risks and climate adaptation planning.

I am determined to be a positive force for progress and bold action.

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Candidate for Colorado State House District 13