But Seriously, Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty
Hanna Brooks Olsen

Great article Hanna, the other problem here is the redistribution of wealth from the recession. My ex and I lost everything; our life savings, our home, and our marriage. Starting over at 50 is not good either, there’s no way to make up ground for 30 years of lost earnings.

My millennial aged kids are totally disadvantaged, since I can’t help them when I struggle to make ends meet myself, as an artist and painting instructor. No matter how talented or well known in my profession I may be, we don’t live in a society and/or economy that supports art or teaching. It’s much harder to fill workshops because people don’t have the expendable income they had 10 years ago to nurture their creativity and even full time adjunct professors are having to supplement their incomes to make ends meet. There’s some messed up priorities in our country.

I would hardly blame Obama for this mess like the other response. It was during Bush’s 2 terms in office this disaster was created, the banks getting off with a slap on the wrist instead of CEO’s going to jail, and our congress being more interested in having Obama fail than helping the country is what I blame.

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