Clear Lake

I’m running out of Gillmore information, but my Mom did have a full picture album of pictures of Clear Lake. So I decided I could share a few of those.

William Gilmore’s home in Clear Lake, Iowa

This picture was printed on a postcard (people often had their pictures printed on postcards, which they sometimes sent as postcards and sometimes just kept as pictures). The only thing on the written side was Arthur’s name and address in Hillsboro. It has a postal stamp from Clear Lake with the date 1906. I assume this is the original house that Arthur’s father, William, built.

The next two pictures are a puzzle — because of the cutouts. I wonder who was cut out of the pictures, and why. It looks like they were taken at the same time. In the first picture I’m sure that’s Arthur sitting in the back next to the cutout. Could that be his sister Mary with baby Bessie on the left?

The lady on the right is the same as the lady standing in the 2nd picture. The young man sitting in the center of the first picture is the same person as the one standing in the center of the 2nd picture.

Arthur is missing in the second picture. Did he take the picture? Were the cutouts to be used in maybe a locket? Or was there another reason? There’s nothing written on the back of the pictures.

The family stories are that Arthur piloted a tour boat on Clear Lake. It was probably much like this boat (there’s nothing written on the back of the picture).

I do have the certificate below showing that Arthur qualified as a Gas Engineer. It’s too bad the certificate is torn.

Below is a postcard with a square picture printed on it. I didn’t crop the whole picture so you could see the name “Art Gilmore” written below the picture. On the back is written “A. G. Gilmore”

The picture below of a long tour boat that is on the near side of the dock and the sailboats are on the other side of the dock.

In 1926 Mom took the following picture of 4th Street, where William lived. She unfortunately didn’t identify which house was his.

In 2008 Matt went to Clear Lake and took this picture of 4th Street.

One last picture of Mom on a boat in Clear Lake in 1926!

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