Meet The Family

The summer after Arthur and Addie were married, they went to Clear Lake, Iowa so Addie could meet the family. There’s nothing written on this picture, but that’s Addie in front on the left. Perhaps this was a picnic for family and friends to welcome Addie.

I don’t know if Addie had done much fishing before, but she manage to help her father-in-law, William, with the ‘catch of the day.

William and Addie

We know that Arthur has always been a fisherman

Arthur in 1908

Twenty years later Arthur took his daughter, Ruth to Iowa and Minnesota to meet his family. She visited with her grandfather (William) in his yard…

…visited her Uncle Will (George William Gilmore) at the drugstore where he worked…

George William and Arthur

…and met her great-uncle John (Williams brother).

John on the left, William on the right

The trip also took them to Minnesota to meet Roselle and his family (Arthur’s brother) in Columbia Heights, Minnesota…

Roselle and Arthur
Ruth, Roselle’s son (Walter?), and Roselle’s wife, Lizzy

and then to Tamarack, Minnesota to meet Aunt Mary (Arthur’s sister) and her family.

Mary and Arthur
Bessie, Ruth, Leon

Bessie and Leon were close to Ruth’s age.

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