Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

First of all lets go back to the mexican who sent her child across the border….this is not the issue,the issue is all illegals who come here and live off of us, baby or not (whoa before you think I am awful )first here is a scenario you neighbor, known them for years, looses job,house,car etc…he is eligible for welfare till he gets back on his feet……CAN’T HAVE IT,IS DENIED BECAUSE SOMEONE SNUCK A KID ACROSS THE BORDER OR BETTER YET A PREGNANT ILLEGAL HAS A KID IN THE US AND BOTH GO ON WELL FARE… WE CAN’T TAKE CARE OF THE WORLDS HOMELESS UNTIL OURS ARE CARED !!!Secondly we need to stop this and get rid of the illegals here that hold jobs so the employable citizens in this country have the jobs that illegals have right now , thirdly countries that spit in our face and allow anti american protests and encourage illegal entry into this country so that they don’t have to deal with them should have financial aide cut off and have these criminals and druggie kingpins put back on their turf