You both are conveniently NOT addressing the second part of my post: “the sheer number of contacts…
Judy Freilicher

Oh, that’s rich. Invoke McCarthyism to defend the SOB who smears people’s reputations for sport and who will go down in history as one of the world’s most notorious liars. Can you really be so naive as to believe that Trump is interested in detente, or that Putin is for that matter? They’re both interested in enriching themselves and operating in an environment devoid of rules and laws, complete and total corruption, and Trump would be happy to strip citizens of his own country of all democratic rights and destroy every democratic institution, mirroring Putin’s “accomplishments” in Russia. You may think that’s a fair price to pay to ease your anxiety about nuclear confrontation, but it’s my country, and I and everyone I care about in the world have to live here, so I say fuck Trump and fuck anyone who would defend him.

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