Dangers of Supplements

CNN ran a short story this morning that stirred me up a bit. They discussed the potential dangers of dietary supplements. They stated that supplements aren’t regulated, could be a waste of money and are causing approximately 150,000 ER visits per year.

What they failed to mention is the fact that respectable companies that produce tested and proven vitamins and supplements are highly regulated by the FDA and are third party validated through stringent NSA testing. As a nutritional product formulator, I have witnessed over the years that supplements are more regulated and scrutinized than most pharmaceutical drugs.

The truth is, respectable companies that produce high quality supplements are helping people improve their health and just happen to be tapping into the multi hundred billion dollar drug industry’s profits. This just may be the driving force behind these deceiving, negative reports about supplements.

Furthermore they failed to disclose that the majority of these ER visits are due to overuse and abuse of supplements. And most importantly, they failed to mention that 1 person DIES every 19 minutes from complications due to prescription medications. Which story is more important?

Sadly there are companies that produce cheap products and dodge the regulations just to make as much money as possible before they are caught. Be wise when choosing what supplements go into your body and don’t always believe the news reports. UTHRiV offers the best of the best health product available and I confidently promote them to help improve people’s quality of life! So there you have it!

Author, Benny Graham

(Formulator uTHRiV+5)


The Power of the Simple Vitamin Profile in +5

Did you know that your digestive system is the home for 70 to 80 percent of your immune system? In fact, your intestinal tract is truly your lifeline to good health, but just eating healthy is not always good enough to maintain balance from within.


Since better health begins in the core of your body, it makes perfect sense to do all that you can to promote digestive health. Right? Your immune system is your fist line of defense against sickness and disease and your overall health is a reflection of the strength of your immune system.

The problem is, the fast-paced world in which we live has led our digestive systems down a path of confusion and destruction. With the dependency upon grab and go, overly processed, fast foods and snacks, sodas, energy drinks and “so called” sources of nutrition, the internal balance of most people has become seriously deprived of vitamins and nutrients. There are so many “blanks” in the average daily diet that create a perfect environment within your body for sickness and disease.

Where do we start? What can we do?

With all of the vitamins, drinks and supplements being promoted on a massive scale, how do we know what to take and what to avoid?

Even though each body is different with its own needs, the overall majority of people are lacking in basic whole-food nutrition and the balance of the vitamins and phytonutrients that they provide. This is why the simplicity and the basic balance of +5 creates such powerful results. Simply put, it helps to fill in those blanks, allowing your body to heal and repair without the distraction of trying to search for harmonious balance.

Some of the many benefits of the Vitamins in +5.

Vitamin A

Imperative for keeping your cells healthy, Vitamin A has numerous other benefits including:

Improved Vision — Retinol is critical to maintain your eye’s retina. Inadequate retinol can impair you vision, especially your night vision

Gene Transcription — helps to regulate the synthesis of proteins

Immune Function — Is required for normal functioning of your immune system. Creates a barrier on your mucous membranes (airways, digestive tract, urinary tract) that serves as the first line of defense against infections

Bone Metabolism — Is important in the production of red and white blood cells

Skin Health — Keeps skin clear of infections, including acne

Antioxidant activity- helps to control free radicals and the damage they cause within the cells

Preliminary tests results show the ability of Vitamin A to reduce carcinogenesis (the formation of cancer) significantly in skin, breast, liver, colon, prostate and other areas of the body.

Vitamin B

B vitamins affect brain function, mental sharpness and mood among many other advantages, some of which are listed below:

Helps to convert food to energy

Helps in forming healthy red blood cells

Helps reduce the risk of heart disease

Can reduce or even eliminate PMS symptoms

Aids in eliminating anemia

Minimizes and even eliminates depression

Plays a key part in preventing birth defects

Vitamin C

Vitamin C has been called the do everything nutrient. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps to maintain your cell’s integrity. It is vital for the health of your eyes, teeth, gums, bones, muscles and blood vessels. And of course it does help with avoiding the common cold.

Just a few of the numerous health benefits of Vitamin C include:

Supports a healthy immune system

Relieves prenatal health problems

Prevents eye disease

Protects against cardiovascular disease and has even been shown to protect us against things like cancer, stroke and premature aging.

Vitamin D

D is not really classified as a vitamin. It is a prohormone. Your body converts it into active hormones that target over 200 different genes. That means vitamin D is critical to good health.

Here are just a few reasons to get it in your body:

Improves memory

Increases calcium absorption

Reduces osteoporosis

Supports strong digestion

Protects against colon cancer

Strengthens the immune system

Aids proper cell reproduction

Improves concentration

Improves prostate health

Improves breast health

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that acts like a little sailboat that carries nutrients to the farthest extremities of your body. This powerful nutrient helps to:

Strengthen your heart and circulatory system

Make the walls of the arteries more flexible

Promote healthy lungs, colon, and prostate

Boost immune function

Fight free radical cell damage

Protect the skin

Reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Prevent hair loss

It only makes sense that what you see happening on the outside of your body is also happening on the inside. That means if your skin is wrinkled, damaged, dry, and unhealthy, so are the organs within the body. Based on all of the benefits of maintaining a consistent supply of key vitamins and phytonutrients, we can certainly agree that drinking +5 daily will give your body a tremendous advantage against the aging process!

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