My reason for writing it has nothing to do with the Bernie Sanders supporters now.
Sasha Stone

I cannot, and will not vote for someone who I don’t like. Yes, I was Bernie or Bust. I’m not a millennial though. I realize that not everything that Bernie talked about could be achieved.

I have been around long enough that I have watched Hillary Rodham Clinton since she was first lady. I never liked the woman. I did my research, and read everything that I could about her career as a Congresswoman, and everything I could about her career as Secretary of State, before ultimately choosing Bernie.

You say that people like me owe you and HRC an apology. I believe that this is erroneous. You cannot make people apologize for voting for someone who did not represent what they want in a President, especially as the first woman President. She has to be beyond reproach. She has to have unquestionable integrity. She has to ignite in us a belief for a better future. Many of us never trusted Hillary. I know I didn’t. I believe in the long run, that HRC actually owes a lot of people an apology, but I realize that will never be forthcoming.

It is time now to put the election behind us, and come together irregardless of the rancor everyone is feeling now and start moving forward to build a party on the ashes of the DNC that actually represents the working class people that it used to stand for. OR we can continue to cast blame on others instead of looking in the mirror and seeing what blame accrues to us.

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