My Drug Dealer Was A Doctor
Michael E Lee

‘Pharmaceutical companies are replacing spirituality. We are looking for the love of God in an orange bottle with a white top. They are replacing our ability to seek our truth, engage in life and love fully.’

Beautifully said. I cannot thank you enough for this. Exactly how I feel. Your experience is my experience. Even the same drug. It is so incredibly helpful to know we are not alone in this madness. This mass drugging of humanity has to stop. And it can only happen by sharing our stories. And by turning to God and nuturing and healing our souls and spirits. After being on that drug for 14 yrs with many failed attempts to discontinue because of the severity of withdrawal, (which at the time I did not know that’s what it was) my soul could no longer be a slave to a drug I did not need. I could not envision myself being on this drug the rest of my life. I finally weaned off. It has been a little over 3 yrs now since I discontinued. These last 3 yrs I have gone through physical and mental hell of withdrawal symptoms like I never could have imagined. Just as you have described. It has robbed me of many things. But the blessing of suffering is it brings you closer to God, to letting go, to trusting, and knowing that the Grace you receive today is sufficient. I am healing slowly and know that God is dissolving the fear and letting the beautiful wholeness and peace and joy that I truly am shine through. Thank you again for expressing so beautifully what many of us are feeling and experiencing and giving us hope and courage.

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