It’s amazing, when you’re able to wake up in the morning with no problems. You have the activity of all your limbs. I give all my adoration to God.

As I think about my life of 46 years, I can’t help but be grateful to God. I was adopted at three years old from Syracuse NY, moved to Rochester NY

and that’s where the journey of my life begin some 43 years ago. People ask me will I ever look for my biological parents, as for me I’m not interested in finding people I share nothing with, I’m 46 years old, I’ve survived these long years not knowing so why open up that Pandora box. I’m good, my adopted parents did their job, I love them and I have come to terms with my adoption and with my decision not to find my biological family.

If my adoption hadn’t happen I would not have come to know some awesome people. My parents were very strict but I can appreciate the strictness now that I’m older to understand, because of my strict upbringing I don’t think I would have handled having to go through breast cancer 2 years ago. Thank God on October 10th 2015 I will be celebrating 2 years cancer free.

Family, church and friends play a important role in my life. I’ve met some great people along my journey and I’ve met the ones that you wish you would have never met but in everything there’s a life long lesson to be learned. I have made some choices in my life that was good and then there’s the choices that cost me a great deal of pain but I have owned up to every choice whether good or bad.

In my conclusion don’t let life pass you by, keep your circle small, don’t live your life trying to impress the next man, impress God. Go on vacations be adventures, save money, be good stewards of your money and time, never go to sleep without rectifying an argument, pay it forward, learn to lend a hand. Leave a legacy.

Judith Higgs

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