Males Should Pay Attention To Factors Of Necrospermia

We all know that male reproductive ability is decided by sperm quality. If the sperm quality is affected by some factors, males may have problem with fertility. Necrospermia is a disease that refers to low sperm survival rate. Here are the main factors that can lead to necrospermia.

7 Factors related with Necrospermia

1. Varicocele

Varicocele can obstruct the blood circulation around the testis and epididymis which can accelerate the accumulation of toxic substances and speed up the local temperature. By this procedure, Necrospermia may occur because of low sperm activity.

2. Reproductive infection

If reproductive infection diseases left untreated, it can threat male’s fertility. Clinically, Necrospermia occurs because of reproductive infection often occur. Reproductive infection can decrease zinc, magnesium, citric acid, and fructose composition and increase pH value, which can result in the sperm vitality, such as seminal vesiculitis, spermatitis, epididymitis, prostatitis, etc.

3. Chronic collicalitis

Chronic collicalitis can decrease fructose secretion and result in sperm death. It is a very important factor leading to necrospermia.

4. Inflammation of sexual reproductive organs

Inflammation can result in congestion and edema of the reproductive organs that may lead to reproductive organs and sperm death accordingly. As for epididymitis, spermatitis and other inflammation diseases, it can destroy the good survival environment for sperm and lead to sperm death by changing the PH value of semen.

5. Abstinence for a long time

Abstinence for a long time can often result in high sperm density, much dead sperm and poor sperm vitality. However, it is normal for this condition. It’s suggested to have abstinence for 5–7 days before semen check.

6. Autoimmunity

Reproductive immunology research found that the autoimmunity of men can affect fertility because antisperm antibody can affect sperm production and movement.

Since you know the factors of necrospermia, it’s important to take measures to prevent the disease, such as having moderate sexual life, eating food that can be helpful for improving the sperm vitality. If you are infected with necrospermia caused by reproductive infections like prostatitis, epididymitis, orchitis. You can take herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill to cure the disease. This pill has good curative effect on curing the reproductive system diseases. It has no side effects so it won’t do any harm to your body.

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