Prostatitis Patients Should Pay Attention To The Diet And Exercise

Prostatitis is a disease with high recurrent rate. It’s hard to cure it radically due to some complex reasons. Recently, a patented medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is proven to have good curative effect on curing this unbearable disease. It’s a now hope for male patients. Though the medication can cure the disease, it’s also necessary for patients to take measures to avoid the recurrence of prostatitis.

Attention to Your Diet Can Prevent Prostatitis From Relapse

If you often eat spicy food or drink alcohol in your daily diet, all these factors will lead to the recurrent congestion of prostate, and then induce prostatitis. So, after the prostatitis having been cured by herbal medication Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, patients need to pay attention to the food prohibitions in their self-cares in the late time

In the first place, we need to give up drinking; any liquor or drinks with liquor should be banned. Even the wine with a low purity of alcohol should also be banned during the recovery phase after your treatment.

In the same time, the ingredients such as pepper, onions and other spicy food in our daily life should also be avoid taking too much, in order to prevent the exacerbation or induce prostatitis. However, male group also need to attach importance to eat more foods which are beneficial to the recovery of prostatitis. For instance, propolis, pollen, lycopene, chysanthemum tea, potatoes, honey, fig, and soybean milk are contributes to prostatitis treatment.

Attention to Your Exercise Can Prevent Prostatitis From Relapse

With regard to the patients with prostatitis, many males have medical history of overwork, such as working too much, staying up late, travel fatigue, sexual life fatigue, sports fatigue as well as labor fatigue. All these fatigue actions can cause a suppressed immune system, or lower immune functions, which will exacerbate prostatitis or induce its recurrence. So, in order to avoid the recurrence of prostatitis, we should avoid the overwork activities mentioned above. However, take more exercise is beneficial to your body; it can improve your self-resistance and immunity.

Concerning to the exercises for prostatitis patients, some sports like exercise of lifting the anus, or adduction and abduction of both lower extremities, could adjust the harmony, relaxation, contraction of the surrounding muscle groups, which helps a lot to improve the symptoms of frequent or urgent urination, micturition. Except that, some exercises like jogging, walking race, high knee running, long-jump are also good for your recovery.

Except for the daily diet and exercise, patients should also attach great importance to their attitude toward the treatment. Low spirit can also affect the curative effect and aggravate the symptoms. Therefore, it’s essential to keep a positive attitude during the treatment.

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