Learning to enjoy the journey

The truth is, I’m not Superwoman.

I have a tendency to take on too many things at once. Most of the time I can actually juggle it, but it usually means I get less sleep and leisure time. But sometimes I get burnt out and that’s exactly how I felt this past December. With the holidays in full swing, most of the wedding planning taking place and more demanding responsibilities at work, I felt overwhelmed. I needed to take a step back in the midst of all the chaos and just spend some quality time thinking and reflecting. So that’s what I did and I was lucky enough to find the most perfect haven in Ellijay, Ga.

My fiance and I came upon a beautiful Airbnb listing called Elatse’yi (which stands for “green earth”) where we spent time reflecting on the past year and dreaming about our future. During our trip, we met the most wonderful people, Fabrizio and Jeffrey, who we instantly connected with. From feeding the alpacas on their farm to learning how to shoot a bow for the first time, we had such a great time being one with nature and with the Tapia family.

Over many glasses of wine and cups of coffee, we shared our travel stories, our passions and just our philosophy in life. One of Fabrizio’s messages really stuck with me, which actually gave me courage to launch my unfinished website today.

He said he didn’t believe in ambition and that he’s not driven by the idea of achieving something. He said he believed in the journey — the detours, the dead ends, and the serendipitous encounters along the way that enriched his character and his life.

That was really inspiring for me and it was exactly what I needed to hear. These past several weeks, I’ve been so caught up trying to cross things off my to-do list that I had forgotten to actually enjoy the process. After a much needed break from the real world, I came back feeling so energized and refreshed. This year, I want to spend more time really absorbing the experiences and enjoying the journey that’s ahead of me. I know I’m late but happy 2015, everyone! Enjoy the pictures I took from this trip.

(All photos were taken by Judy Lee)

Originally published at www.novo-be.com.

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