One-Lined Poem: Ashamed
Tre L. Loadholt

After the surprise rape and pregnancy just after my 16th birthday, then the in-home unwanted abortion arranged by dear mama, then in November the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and just after the suicide attempt a couple of days after that, from which I was dragged from bed in a half-coma by an angry father, listening to him as he dragged me in circles around the living room shouting “HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?,” then being left in the County Psych ward for a couple of days but brought home too soon because, after all, it was Thanksgiving and the FAMILY was coming, and how could I DO THIS TO THEM?, I finally felt ashamed, for them, as I sat politely, dressed up and coifed, eating turkey and stuffing and making small talk as if nothing had ever happened.

(This took me a while, Tre, to spit out, but here it is, and I love you for making me do it.)

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