Randomly Me

And it occurs to me …

That I had always jumped right in, on the tallest horse over the highest jump, off the hundred foot platform into the Coast Guard Training Pool in a perfect swan dive, into new relationships, situations, projects, whatever, usually too quickly and without enough forethought. Sometimes I was sorry, but usually I worked it out. Until about six years ago when my hip suddenly, unexpectedly, and completely gave out and my steps became iffy if possible at all, and I began to fall down on a regular basis. Now I cling for dear life to what is comfortable, and no longer take many chances. And it can be lovely, indeed, this forced slow down.

Just to add, I also had problems with escalators my entire life, the getting on and off parts especially. And there were a couple of very unfortunate incidents where my long flowing dress became entangled in the mechanics, with very drastic consequences! This is no longer a problem as I now avoid large public places like the plague, both because I have become afraid of terrorists, and also because I suffer from lung problems and one bad bug will send me straight back into hospital.