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Are you F’ing kidding? I wouldn’t go through any more medical procedures in my life unless they were necessary to remove a bullet, or fix a broken or dislocated limb. Otherwise, I have no use for any other medical protocols, and if I develop some horrid disease that requires horrid therapies, well, they can eat it. Do you know how many doctors, when asked in a poll, said they would never do chemo or radiation? Check it out. Completely available public information. I was in hospital for eight days in April 2011, and then again in April, 2015, with double viral pneumonia given me by a stupid person carrying very bad bugs, and she just had to hug me and breathe on me and so on and so forth, being the selfish bitch she always is and will be. I was trying to be nice to this daughter of a dying of cancer friend, but now that he’s gone, I won’t be going there again.

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