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Dear Jaden Violet — I knew Earth, Wind and Fire, and their families. Also the jazz group Weather Report, as they were part of it all. When they formed a new record company (ARC) in association with CBS Records, I was lured (from the law firm where I was working, as my boss at the time was going there) to be the secretary/paralegal to the house counsel, in a little office katy-corner from Beverly Hills High School, near the Beverly Hills Hilton, and around the corner from the Friars Club. It was great fun, my bosses and co-workers were wonderful people, and a very, very good way to spend the day if you had to have a job. Trying to type contracts with competing music blaring from three different offices was sometimes difficult, but I managed. The members of EW&F were wonderful gentlemen, unlike so many of the famous musicians of that time in LA. The members and family of Weather Report were also very considerate and kind to staff. You just brought back a whole bunch of memories. I still have a little enameled ceramic picture of the Amalfi coast hanging on my wall in the room where I sit (my girly cave), given to me many, many years ago by Ana Maria Shorter, Wayne Shorter’s late wife, who was killed along with their niece, when their plane crashed (TWA #800 en route from the east coast to join him in Italy) in July of 1996. When I heard the news of their death, I’d already been gone from LA for eight years, but it broke my heart, nevertheless. Thanks, I think …it was all a long time ago, and I was a different woman then, in the late 70’s in Beverly Hills.

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