It’s so bizarre to find I’ve been blocked by a complete stranger I’ve never interacted with before.
Heath ዟ

Heath, that’s the Mystery of Medium. Being here is like being blindfolded in a Halloween Scary House, trying to feel one’s way through the spider webs and skeletons and zombies jumping out until finally the door out of there comes along, and we only know that (being blindfolded) by the scent of pure, fresh air. You, sir, are always fresh air, if sometimes very depressing and pathetic. But honestly, I can’t think of why someone else’s pain could possibly offend to the point of a “block,” unless it’s like football, where the blockers’ jobs are to keep the other team from scoring. So, don’t worry, whoever the idiot is, he is probably just jealous that you have an actual life and writing ability that he lacks.

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