and I value the truth. I would love to hear more if you’re inclined to conversation about it. :)
Heath Houston

Heath, you card, there is no such phrase as “to conversation about.” We could, however, converse, or participate in a conversation, together. Your poem is extremely sensual and hypnotizing. What bothered me about that feeling is hard to define. Consider a cancer cell or biologic disease or a virus or any addiction at all, including addiction to love. One loses one’s self and soul to whatever the “other” may be, and that is never good, because in the end you are empty and have nothing left to offer. Sometimes when I read your work I feel like I should save you from drowning, or suffocating … it is that powerfully immersive, which is a good thing if you are (and you are) a Writer. And writers are meant to make people uncomfortable. I love this quote—

“A poet’s job is not to write about love. A poet’s job is not to write about flowers. A poet must write about the plight and pain of the people …”

Matullah Turab

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