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I guess I (used to be) much more of an exhibitionist, but I never felt it a sacrifice. My bad girlfriends back in the late 60’s and I used to rejoice flashing our breasts out the windows of the car driving 70 mph down the LA freeways, just to see if we could cause havoc. Would never do any of this now, and besides I’m old and sagging. Mostly we just got lots of enthusiastic honking horns, because we were young and beautiful. We also had nude SoCal beaches where everyone would gather. In Malibu, the Sheriff was nicknamed “Sheriff John’s Pussy Possey, because the men would all try to ride their horses down the steep hills to the beach, a treacherous endeavor at best, and a trail us horsey girls would never put our pets through, and by the time they got there, we’d all be swum away and laughing our selfish little heads off. Of course, there were also the parties in the Hollywood Hills where you checked your clothes at the door, and the mountain creek swimming holes where whole families used to gather and have a very good time with no creepiness at all from anyone, and the skinny-dip pool office parties. Oh, well. Cell phones and social media have ruined fun. You are gorgeous and should feel nothing but joy. Showing your light is not the sin, but hiding it from those who need it.