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The Late Winter Early Spring View from my Girly Room (Cave) Computer Desk Window

Jules, you are welcome here, anytime. Just don’t appear without calling first. And we don’t really have guest quarters. So bring your own tent/motor home/ camping trailer. Twenty miles of bad road from the nearest little town and groceries. No roller skating (nothing paved anywhere near, and even then “iffy”). My husband actually holds the unofficial record for roller skating at the highest altitude ever, at about 10,000 feet in Sequoia Natl. Park (before I met him). And he used to skate from Santa Monica, CA down the bike path about 80+ miles to the beaches to the south, stopping at every bar along the way, and then back, ditto (also before I met him). When I drove home from work one day and saw him in his short-shorts and shirtless, skating up the steep hill in Malibu canyon where I lived, I knew I had to marry him if he asked. He doesn’t look like that anymore, but neither do I. But you can sing here from the top of your lungs. Unfortunately, here in the woods, in the clear air, sound travels quite a long way (we can hear the phone and the alarms at the river dam over two miles away, especially during winter), and also the neighbors, when they drink too much and scream at one another, even though they are over a quarter-mile away, at least. And every frog and cricket and bear in the trash. And the coyote parties in the middle of the night. Just let me know if you intend to show up … we don’t like surprise guests. And the cougars are constantly patrolling for dinner, so you’ll need some kind of protection. But, welcome!

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