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Mike — I couldn’t agree more, and I also appreciate the long, intelligent response from Ms. McEnnis, which I have personally experienced, having lived during the late 1940’s through the present, and even after 50 years of hard and continuous labor for large prosperous law firms, find myself living on a meager Social Security check supplemented with food and healthcare assistance from the State of Washington. In 1980 I was making four times the salary I made when I became suddenly redundant in 2010 due to the recession. I never expected this — we can’t even afford to go out to a restaurant anymore.

Besides the obvious problems with capitalistic greed remaining in total global control, and coordination amongst the powerbrokers to keep it that way and to disrupt and discourage everyone else in the world besides them and their families and friends, there is an underlying truth having to do with increasing populations, decreasing resources (more and more controlled by the creation of genetically engineered foodstuffs that require farmers to keep buying the same seeds and chemicals from the same companies), the damage humans have done to the planet, and the planet exhibiting its anger and pain. It is the old science or psychology lab experiment in school of too many rats in the maze and not enough food for them all.

I know that people have been imaging for eons that the world might be coming to an end, and that it hasn’t actually happened, yet, but I am glad that I won’t be around for too many more years to see the further destruction of the world I love.

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