sudden realization

This isn’t about keeping a journal. This is about not forgetting a great idea for a piece of art just seconds after it has come into your mind. I’ve lost at least two or three in the past hour because I didn’t write a little note to myself, and now they are gone (for now at least). This is the message I wanted to share. Make notes instantly, all the time, and your output and creativity will expand exponentially. I will need to carry a notebook with me always, now. At the kitchen sink washing dishes, at the laundry room, feeding the cats and dog, whilst cleaning the bathrooms, and making the bed. My ideas don’t stop, but they do disappear. Maybe it is my age, but I suspect it may be my stressful environment. In either case, notes it must be — they are seeds to grow. I hope this rings true for those suffering from the same angst.

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