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Thank you. I’ve had other girlfriends, in early childhood in the 50’s and later in high school, and also more seriously, back in the 60’s and early 70’s, but that’s another story(ies) entirely. I’ve had to try very hard all my life, including now, not to make other women jealous (the woman who adopted me as a baby even told me that in the event of fire, she would save her husband before she would save me. She said she could have another child (a lie), but never find another husband. The house across the street had just burned down because of the babysitter smoking/sleeping on the couch, and she killed three chidren and herself, thus the reason for my little 4 or 5 year old question in the midst of total trauma) — I don’t actually do anything to attract anyone (I truly and completely and faithfully love my husband of 30+ years), but for some reason, even at my advanced age, women consider me to be a threat. So I do really appreciate you, Jules, with whom I can talk back and forth like a human being.

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