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Thank you. We are well prepared here, thanks to my husband. And, I have known since a child of five that there is no such thing as death of the soul, having died and come back several times in my adventurous life thus far, not to mention traveling out of body during shamanic healing ceremonies in my adventurous youth. I have no fear. Plus, we are in a very good place, free of most natural disasters and pollution and population, and very well armed against all predators. This county has approx. 5 people per square mile, and they are mostly congregated in small towns at least a half hour’s drive away on a mostly dirt road from us. One of our uneducated young acquaintances (he was not even aware that South of the Equator, the sinks drain in the opposite direction or that the seasons were opposite to ours in the far North, or that the sunrise and sunset changed because of the movement of the sun and the tilt of the planet), and who never pays attention to any news or current events, asked us when told of the probable oncoming disasters, “Well, where is a good place to live, that won’t flood or be destroyed?” we told him, “here,” and unfortunately, he didn’t believe us. For all of my life until we moved here, I lived purposely in what I termed “ground zero,” because I didn’t want to live after the nuclear holocaust, having spent my childhood doing the elementary school “drill” (under the desk, arms over head) for a bomb coming into San Francisco (it was the early 50’s after all). So I stayed in SF, LA, NY, the targets. Then suddenly I married, and we moved to a place carefully chosen by my husband for geography and population and wildlife, where unless there is another glacial flood, which formed much of this country eons ago, we will survive most things. (See(

We have spent much time fostering the wildlife here, providing water in the heat of summer and food in the dead of winter, and as a result, the hummingbirds and swallows and others return every year, breed, then go back south on their long migrations. We live with many endangered species, and still have most of the environmental “signal” creatures, who disappear when things get bad — the bats, frogs, and the rest. We have clean water not connected to anyone’s system.

Thank you for your wish of good luck, because we will all need it (and faith) in the upcoming years. I spent many years working in public interest law, trying to fight against racial and gender job discrimination, nuclear power plants planned to be built on earthquake faults in So. Cal., stopping freeways planned to be built through poor neighborhoods, keeping the LAPD from discriminating against the homeless, etc. We won all of those lawsuits, but lost in the end to the powerbrokers who run everything, and who have been winning since the industrial revolution, when they took control.

Over forty years ago, I visited rural Connecticut for the first and last time, and was taken to a wonderful forest park near New Milford, where there were the ruins of a resort that had been built by the industrialist who owned garment factories in NYC, to send his girl factory workers for a couple of days’ vacation (this was after the Triangle Shirtwaste Fire, which shocked the world when hundred died because the doors were locked and they couldn’t escape). I still have chills thinking about it, the ghosts present, and how I felt walking down those paths with their crumbling stone walls showing the way.

We are each in this world walking down our own paths, following our own crumbling stone walls these days, and all we can do is whatever we know is right and human, and try not to fear evil, which in the very end, has no power over good or love. Peace to you and yours, and stay well.