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Thin Man — I can only add that after 22 years working for leading entertainment and corporate lawfirms Downtown LA, in Beverly Hills, Century City, etc., starting at the age of 19, I am quite familiar with these men. I was lucky. My mother had trained me early to recognize predators. The senior senior partners took me under their wings as they would have a granddaughter, and protected me from their subordinates. I knew how to laugh and look sexy and say “NO! In your dreams” all at the same time. All of that didn’t completely save me from abuse. One partner actually told me he would wait in the underground parking garage with his gun and take me whenever he wished. Another threatened me with loss of job, which the intelligent lady office manager negated immediately, knowing who he was. (Even though he was one of the highest earners and a senior partner, he was ultimately disbarred and thrown out of the firm for doing the same to the wrong young woman, a recently hired Harvard Law School grad associate, who he greeted at the front door of his home wearing a robe with nothing underneath, after summoning her to come up to his house to “work.”) After an automobile accident in Westwood, while I was waiting to pull into a parking space, with my right turn lights flashing, my arm out the window of my VW bug to signal “stop” and my brake lights on, and being hit at 40 mph by a delivery truck driver not paying attention, and after a hospital stay, where I was sexually assaulted by the physical therapy tech, and over a year of almost daily physical therapy and other pain and inconvenience, and after having accepted the advice of my employers to seek the representation of the “best PI attorney in town,” I finally achieved a settlement check of little value compared to what I had been through, and which didn’t even buy me a new car. When I went to pick it up from my attorney, after showing me the new stereo system he had purchased for thousands of dollars after it had won a design award, he raped me in his office before he would give me the check. I have more stories, but never mind the rest, and there are quite a few. One of my happiest moments was up here in Spokane, when we took a case on behalf of a young woman who had been fired as a waitress from a nationally popular restaurant because she had become pregnant. It was such an easy case to win, and very rewarding. I value what you are doing, and admire your courage and morals. Thank you. I have a terrible premonition that we will all lose this fight, but at least we are trying.

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