From Dark to Light
Tre L. Loadholt

Mary Lethine, Grand Royal Matron of the Order of the Amaranth (California) 1968 (Judy’s MOM)

Tre, I wish you had chosen an image other than wolves, whom I lived with and loved for many years, raising several litters of puppies to eventually go on to carefully-vetted loving homes. They are very special creatures, with an intelligence equal to porpoises and elephants and whales (even greater than humans, in my opinion). I have never subscribed to their evil fairy-tale reputations, even as a child. I agree that we are in danger, but am objecting only to the metaphor.

We have been in grave physical and psychic danger many times before now, as you must be well aware, and those of us who are strong within ourselves will always prevail and remain whole, even if we perish in the process. Better to go out fighting, after all. The evil cannot ever win unless we let it have power over us.

I love you. Your poem is very meaningful — but the image of wolves as being “bad” really bothered me. They were my great loves.

And just to add, one of my most cherished pieces of jewelry is a gold colored costume pin, of a sheep covered in wolf’s clothing, which was given to my father by his Masonic friends, in 1968, when my mother was Grand Royal Matron of the Royal Order of the Amaranth for the State of California. She was Mary, and her underling ladies (the district Royal Matrons) in the Order were called her sheep. My father, of course, because of who he was, became the Wolf, thus the gift.

Life is strange. The light must be within each of us, after all, and no one can take that away.

Not My Photo, But She Looks Just Like One of My Girls (all my old photos are still only on paper)
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